Subversion Revision History, One Line Per Revision
Develop | Posted March 04, 2009

I wanted something that I thought would be pretty simple to get: a list of revisions to a branch in Subversion, one revision per line. For each revision, I wanted a single entry, regardless of how many files were included in that revision. Further, I only wanted to know some basic information: revision number, who did it, the date, and the first 80 characters or so of the comment.

I was not able to figure out how to get one of the Subversion commands by itself to do that, but I was able to use the XML output from svn log to ultimately get what I wanted. This is the Subversion command I ended up using:

   svn log --stop-on-copy --xml http://server/repos/branches/mybranch

I took the output from that command and ran it through a Groovy script that I hacked out really quickly in order to create the one line per revision output that I wanted. XSLT might have been more appropriate, but not being much of an XSLT guru, I went with what I knew:

// ParseSVN.groovy
// Given the XML output from this SVN command:
// $ svn log --stop-on-copy --xml <URL>
// Create a row per revision, suitable for something like a wiki
// if not enough args, cannot do anything

if (args.length < 1) {
println "Usage: ParseSVN <xml file from svn>"
svnXMLFile = args[0]

// open up the SVN output so that we can just exit now if there is an error
try {
svnXML = new XmlSlurper().parse(new File(svnXMLFile))

catch( ex ) {
println "Unable to open: $svnXMLFile - ${} : ${ex.message}"

// for each SVN entry create a row
entries = svnXML.logentry.findAll {
entries.each {
revision = it.@revision.toString()
author =
date =
msg = it.msg.toString()
if (msg.size() > 80) {
msg = msg.substring(0,79)
msg += " ..."
msg = msg.replace('
, ' ')
tableRow = "||$revision||$author||$date||$msg||"

println tableRow


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