SmartBear Tools at JavaOne: Learn How to Develop Better Software
Develop | Posted October 02, 2017

We’ll be at the Oracle JavaOne conference from October 2-4, 2017 in San Francisco and are bringing along a range of offerings for Java developers attending the conference, including tools that help teams collaborate on code, and design, develop, test the APIs that connect their systems together.

The best developers I know, don’t just write good code, but also keep themselves aware of the broader ecosystem in which they work. Great products need not just to be coded, but also need to be designed, tested and deployed correctly. As a developer, I remember spending numerous iterations in refining my design and ‘proof of concept’ before committing to a technology or a coding approach. Awareness of design principles is a critical to building a sound software development skill set.

Thorough testing is another area where developers focus a lot. This is especially true for APIs as more and more developers are doing API testing as per SmartBear’s state of testing survey 2017. Often, integration between software components needs to be tested at least once by the developer. This kind of sanity testing could save developers from a lot of embarrassment later.

Collaboration on code is extremely important for developers working in teams, seeking comments on code and sharing insights enriches the development experience and results in quality code. Sharing becomes more valuable when developers not just collaborate on code but also on software design documents.

It does not make sense for developers to spend too much time on design, testing and collaboration; as a developer’s primary job is to write the most efficient code. Easy to use tools that plug-in to the development frameworks make it easy for developers to go beyond their primary job of writing code and taking that extra step that makes the software they deliver even better.

Stop by our booth (#6146) at JavaOne to see how developers can do better collaboration across the software development lifecycle with Collaborator, how they can design APIs better and generate API code through SwaggerHub, and how they can use service virtualization in ServiceV Pro to reduce third party development dependencies and develop applications faster.



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