Ready for Rational Synergy
Develop | Posted February 15, 2010

Back in August I posted an entry on how our peer code review tool had met the requirements for the Ready for IBM Rational program. Specifically, the integration that Code Collaborator provides with Rational ClearCase was validated.

Rational has more than one software change management product, however, and we have customers who are using those other products. Specifically, we had multiple requests for support of Rational Synergy.

As of the 5.0.5025 build of Code Collaborator, our initial support for Rational Synergy is now in place. The integration is at the task level - in other words, you can add files to a review based on a Rational Synergy task id.  More details here.

As an added bonus, our Synergy integration has also received validation from the Ready for IBM Rational program.  So we're two-for-two!  :-)

Next up: integration with the native version control system in Rational Team Concert. Leave a comment if you would like to be notified as we make progress on that.


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