Page Performance and Google Rankings: Impact on the Ecosystem
Develop | Posted November 20, 2009

Although there are no official details yet about how page performance will be measured by Google, or how much performance will weigh in search rankings, the news does raise the urgency of ensuring your Web site, which is crawled by Googlebots, provides a responsive user experience.

And it's likely to have a big impact on how stringently organizations measure and manage the impact of third-party content on load times and the user experience.

Here are a few examples for consideration:

  • Today, most news publishers monetize their content with advertising. That typically means they are using an ad syndication network like DoubleClick.
  • Meanwhile, many online retailers use third-party content from PowerReviews.
  • Many business-oriented sites use visitor tracking services from Google Analytics, Omniture or Coremetrics.

The potential changes at Google mean there will be a REAL business impact for poor Web site performance, and conversely, in Google's words, a bonus for good performance. Online organizations will need to look closely at themselves and the other parties that participate in the Web application delivery supply chain to understand and manage this new development in 2010.


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