Our tips to speed up your website on InformationWeek SMB
Develop | Posted June 03, 2010

I had a conversation yesterday with Jake Widman of InformationWeek SMB about the impact website speed has on online customer satisfaction and conversion rates. As we've discussed here before, when it comes to website load and response times, consumers' expectations have reached extreme levels.

The days when shoppers would wait several seconds for a Web page to load no longer exist. Today, online merchants have one or maybe, if they're lucky, three seconds to deliver a page to their visitors.

With those statistics in mind, the conversation easily turned toward a discussion of best practices and tips Jake's readers -- SMBs -- could employ to speed up their websites.

For smaller businesses that might not have the budgets or brand recognition of some of the market leaders, a website offers the opportunity to be on an equal playing field with their larger competitors, provided the site performs and responds well.

Jake published his notes from our conversation in his most recent blog post, "Speed Up Your Website to Keep Visitors Happy." Some of the advice you've seen here before, but I also added an additional tip, and I recommend you head over to the site to check it out.

Thanks again to Jake for taking the time to talk and hitting on this important topic.


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