Netflix now playing after temporary website issues
Develop | Posted March 23, 2011

Movie buffs attempting to access their Netflix queues or watch videos online were disappointed last night when the site experienced unidentified website issues that rendered streaming unavailable. Our monitors captured a few of these issues.

Between the hours of 6:22 p.m. EST and 7:59 p.m. EST, we tested the Netflix home page 20 times. Of those samples,

  • 18 failed to successfully load the home page.
  • 14 were low level network errors that the site was not responding.
  • 4 were partial loads of the home page that then timed out.
  • 2 successfully loaded the home page.

While I can't say that the site was completely down, I can say that for most users during the time period, the site was unavailable.

Kudos to Neflix reps who were on top of the issue from the start, and updated fans on their Twitter page throughout the night. @Nettflixhelps reported early this morning that the issue had been resolved.


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