Navigate a Diff with the Keyboard
Develop | Posted December 22, 2008

Last month, Brandon wrote a blog entry suggesting that you use your mouse as little as possible. Good advice, and in order to use that advice with the diff viewer in Code Collaborator, you just need to learn a few keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-> next item of interest (difference in the file, comment, or defect)
  • Ctrl-< previous item of interest
  • Ctrl-Shift-> next line
  • Ctrl-Shift-< previous line
  • Ctrl-" add a comment
  • Ctrl-Shift-" add a defect

With this combination you can review a file without using the mouse. Use Ctrl-> to advance from one diff to the next within the file. When you want to create a comment or defect use Ctrl-" or Ctrl-Shift-". After you enter the text of the comment or defect, press Tab to advance the focus to the Submit button, then press the space bar to submit the comment or defect.

When you are reading existing comments or defects, if you want to accept a comment or mark it as read, after you press Ctrl-> or Ctrl-< press Shift-Tab to move the focus to the Mark Read button.p You can press the space bar to mark the comment read or press Shift-Tab again to move the focus to the Accept button.

Having trouble remembering the keyboard shortcuts? Use the mouse (ouch!) to click on Help in the upper-right corner of the diff viewer:


then select Keyboard Shortcuts.


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