Meet the Bears Interview: Gregg Sporar
Develop | Posted January 31, 2009

GsIf Gregg Sporar's name sounds familiar, just scroll down, and you'll see he wrote many of the entries you've read on this blog. pOne of our newest members at Smart Bear, Gregg's our Senior Product Manager. pI got the low down on him by asking him some of my favorite questions.

Describe what you do during the day as a Product Manager.

There is no typical day, but I focus on two things: describing Smart Bear's current products to the world and thinking about Smart Bear's future products.p Examples of the former include doing presentations, demos, and lots of writing (blogs, web pages, etc.).p Examples of the latter include entering enhancement requests (and bugs) and studying the needs of our customers and the capabilities of our competitors.

Where were you and what did you do before Smart Bear?

I was a Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems, where I spent my time driving developer adoption of Sun's software, mostly the NetBeans IDE.

How did you come to Smart Bear?

Back in 2006 I wrote a review of the book Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review.p Jason Cohen and I exchanged some emails as a result of that review and eventually met one day at lunch.p We kept in intermittent contact over time and when I began exploring new career opportunities earlier this year, I sent Jason an email and the end result was this great new job at Smart Bear.

What do you like most about Smart Bear?

The people.p Even though I have not been here long, the quality of the people is apparent.p And their attitude gives the office a nice vibe.

Any interesting stories during your time at Smart Bear?

Smart Bear is a relatively small company, so when I was telling people where I was going to work I would explain Smart Bear's products, etc.p But that was not necessary with one acquaintance, who immediately said: "Are they the guys who make Code Collaborator?"p When I answered that they were he said: "That's a great product!p I use it every day."p :-)

What are some of your favorite websites?!p And of course,,,,,, and Some of my favorite bloggers include,,,,, and

What are your favorite activities?p Hobbies?

Gardening, hiking, reading, genealogy

Favorite music bands?

I have eclectic tastes - I try to listen to a wide variety of music, including Lyle Lovett, Coldplay, Paul Simon, Prince, Weezer, kd lang, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder, Nickelback, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Brave Combo, Dwight Yoakum, Tony Bennett, The Bodeans, The Supremes, Buckwheat Zydeco, Earth Wind and Fire, and Bruce Springsteen.

Favorite spots in Austin?

The deck at the Oasis restaurant, the hike-and-bike trail along Town Lake, the Paramount Theatre, and the backyard of my home.


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