LoadUI 2.5: Pro User, Pro Version
Develop | Posted February 11, 2013

Dear LoadUI users, LoadUI 2.5 is at the door! The release date is currently set to March 27, and the main purpose of this release is to migrate LoadUI from JavaFX 1 to JavaFX 2. For you, this will mean that LoadUI will be faster, more stable and have an improved design.

Trying to decide which features should go into which edition of a product is a delicate problem. My philosophy is:

  • Both editions of LoadUI should be the best alternative for their respective target groups. That is, an open source hacker should not feel restricted using the open source edition of LoadUI; and a software department that load tests should want to use LoadUI Pro.
  • Arbitrary numerical restrictions and crippleware are bad and not very open source-like.

To find the best balance between the two editions, we conducted two user surveys. It was easy to conclude that three features were important to most of our professional users, but not important to most open source users.

By moving over these features we want to create a more appealing load testing tool that is catered towards, what we classify as, Pro users. At the same time, we want to maintain a fully functional and powerful open source tool. Thus, this will be what separates the open source and the Pro edition of LoadUI 2.5:

  • Server Monitoring
  • Distribution of load tests
  • Comparison of test runs
  • Raw data export
  • Professional support 

Moving forward we will, of course, continue to work on adding new great features, and improving the functionality and usability, of both the open source and Pro version of LoadUI. This video clip of Ole Lensmar, Chief Architect at SmartBear, gives a bit more insight into this change.

Happy testing!

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