How Not to Do a User Interface
Develop | Posted February 20, 2009

I have long admired Mark Hurst's This is Broken series of blog posts. I'm always on the look out for bad user interfaces and I encountered one the other day in an online survey. The topic of the survey is unimportant, but it was built with Zoomerang; please note that I'm guessing Zoomerang's competitors are also less than perfect (as is our software, for that matter).

When I clicked the link to start the survey, this is what I saw:


Say what? I have not answered any questions yet! Also, not to be a pedant, but shouldn't it say "click submit"? After all, not everyone has a touch screen system.

After I clicked the Submit button I saw this:


So... in case the first pointless click was not annoying enough, they make me do it again. Odd.

After the second click the survey actually started. But I cannot help but wonder - how many people abandoned the survey before they even saw the questions?


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