Google to Use Page Speed as a Factor in Search Rankings
Develop | Posted November 17, 2009

Google's Software Engineer, Matt Cutts, let some interesting info out of the bag at PubCon last week in Las Vegas: Web site speed is going to be a huge factor in SEO moving into 2010.

Historically, site speed has not played a role in search rankings. However, there are some people within Google who believe the Web should be fast and should be a good experience. Based on that logic, they're starting to consider giving a bit of a bonus to the faster sites.

Google's announcement brings the issue of Web page performance front and center. And as Cutts mentions, in 2010, we'll likely see a lot of companies tinkering with how to make their sites fast and rich without writing a bunch of custom JavaScript.

Check out the video of Cutts' interview with Mike McDonald of WebProNews for more details. Or, for an opportunity to test the speed of your own site,  click here.


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