Facebook, YouTube remain fastest, most reliable social networks in Q1
Develop | Posted April 12, 2011

They did it again!

For the fifth straight quarter Facebook reigns as the fastest social network. In fact, the network has held the number one position since we began issuing our quarterly Web Performance Index for Social Networks. In Q1 2011, the site increased its speed from 1.06 seconds in Q4 2010 to an amazing 0.75 seconds.

YouTube, meanwhile, retained the title it earned last quarter for the most reliable social network, delivering 99.96 percent availability, just slightly lower than its October - December performance. What's more, it took second in the speed category, with a 1.46 second average response time, nearly one second lower than the industry average.

LinkedIn and Facebook took silver and bronze in site reliability this quarter, serving up 99.91 percent and 99.88 percent availability.

Here's a look at the complete rankings:

Though falling below average in both performance categories this quarter, we'd like to give Twitter an honorable mention. As we reported last week in TechJournal South, Twitter has demonstrated consistency in speed and reliability over the past year, even as its membership and tweet count have grown exponentially. Sure, there have been bumps (remember the 2010 World Cup or 2010 Haitian earthquake), but for the most part, response times have remained in the two second range (not too long by any means), even dropping a fraction of a second this quarter to 2.59. Similarly, Twitter's availability has remained above 99 percent.

To compile the Web Performance Index for Social Networks, AlertSite monitors the home pages of these sites from 12 U.S. locations, every five minutes between 6 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. EST.


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