Facebook is fastest social network for second consecutive quarter
Develop | Posted October 27, 2010

Over the summer we announced that in the second quarter (April - June 2010) Facebook was the fastest social network with a near instantaneous average response time of 1.02 seconds. The biggest question you all probably have now, as we reveal the results of the Q3 Web Performance Index for Social Networks, is: How did the back-to-back Facebook outages last month affect the site's overall performance for the quarter? Similarly, were they able to retain their #1 spot?

Before we reveal the rankings and put an end to the suspense, I want to point out an important trend -- the performance of the major social networks is steadily moving in the right direction as the year progresses. On average, response times have decreased, and the availability across all sites has increased.

And now for the results.

For the second consecutive quarter, Facebook has proven itself to be the fastest social network, shaving 0.02 seconds off its Q2 average response time to bring its number down to 1 second flat -- its lowest quarterly response time recorded this year. YouTube, too, experienced its quickest response times to date in Q3 at 1.60 seconds.

The most improved award this quarter goes to Twitter, which recorded a 2.93 average response time, a more than 35 percent improvement over last quarter.

Delivering near flawless availability (99.97 percent), LinkedIn soared to the top of the rankings after grabbing the #4 spot in the second quarter. While more than 19,000 measurements were recorded during Q3, only six errors were noted.

YouTube came in second, with 99.96 percent availability.

It's clear that these sites recognize the importance of speed and reliability and are making improvements along the way to deliver a positive user experience.


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