Enhanced Collaboration Integration with IBM’s Rational Team Concert
Develop | Posted October 15, 2013

With Collaborator 8.2, we enhanced Collaborator’s integration with IBM’s Rational Team Concert (RTC). This work was based primarily on input from several customers that use both products. We received immeasurable help from IBM, too.

There were five main issues that we wanted to do to enhance this integration.

1. Separate the Reviews on Different Collaborator Servers per Project or Team Area

This was a request that would allow for separating servers for security, geographical or other reasons. With this new feature it is extremely easy to configure Rational Team Concert to send reviews to different Collaborator servers. You only need to specify a different Collaborator Server per "Project Area" or "Team Area" as deemed necessary. This can be done by overwriting the connection settings on the follow-up action. By specifying a different Collaborator server for each project or team area, reviews will be created on that Collaborator server.

2. Overwrite the Connection Settings you Deem Necessary

It may be the server URL, the proxy configuration, or even the Collaborator user name and password. It is possible to share some settings between project or team areas by defining those values in the "Advanced Configuration" settings on the Rational Team Concert server.

3. Make the Plug-in Easy to Configure

The new Collaborator plug-in settings can be easily configured by editing the follow-up and configuration source in XML format. The new settings are simple nested elements in the follow-up XML element. These are the new configuration settings:

<!-- Connection settings -->

<CollaboratorURL value="http://localhost:8080"/>

<CollaboratorProxyHost value="proxyhost"/>

<CollaboratorProxyPort value="22"/>

<CollaboratorUserID value="admin"/>

<CollaboratorUserPassword value="123"/>


<!-- Create a review when the Work Item is both a Story and is in the "Implemented"

state. This setting extends the type and StateChangeTo settings in order to provide

more fine-grained control on review creation -->

<OnStatus type="Story" state="Implemented"/>


<!-- Whether the reviewers on the review are added from the Work Item assignments.

When the setting is not specified, the reviewers are automatically added.

Valid values are "true" and "false" -->

<updateReviewers value="false"/>

The new configuration settings are all optional.  If no connection settings are specified, the plug-in will use the values defined in the "Advanced Configuration" settings on the Rational Team Concert Server.

The plug-in can be configured at the Team Area (Image 1) or Project Area (Image 2) levels.

[caption id="attachment_14365" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Team-Area-Configuration Image 1[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_14366" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Project-Area-Configuration Image 2[/caption]

4. Fine-Grained Control over which Reviews Get Created

With the new features listed above, you can specify a pair of type and status, giving you more control over the Collaborator/RTC integration. A user used to be able to specify the types and statuses of "Work Items" that would trigger a review from the Collaborator integration. However, it was not possible to specify which statuses for each types would trigger a review creation.  That’s now possible!

5. Disable the Fetching of Work Item Assignments

We added a new switch to disable fetching the "Work Item" assignments as Collaborator reviewers, so you can decide who will be a Collaborator reviewer without automatically having the Work Item assignments as reviewers.

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