Document Review - 10 Reasons to Choose Collaborator Over Word
Develop | Posted June 27, 2012

Over the coming weeks I’ll be blogging frequently about our technical document review tool, Collaborator. It’s a giant step forward in enabling you to use SmartBear products to review everything - not just code. Some of the commentary will be philosophical. Because, for some, Collaborator will represent a distinctly different approach to document review compared to Microsoft Word.

However, today I want to simply cover the top ten reasons you should choose Collaborator over Microsoft Word change tracking. Here goes…

1. Easily scales to multiple reviewers: If you have ever managed a Microsoft Word review with more than one or two reviewers, you know the chaos. With Collaborator, you never have to keep track of who to email with new revisions and the status of each reviewer is available at a glance.

2. Threaded comments: Ever tried to comment on a comment in a Microsoft Word review? There is no simple way to responded to specific comments and know they have been read. Collaborator tracks it all in a familiar format.

3. Comments are never lost, deleted or ignored: Because all review materials and comments are managed in a central repository with security restrictions, you can be assured that all reviewers are working with the same set of documents and comments and it’s never an option for reviewers to simply ignore comments or alter documents.

4. Never risk having a document go out with comments embedded: Ever worry that your outgoing documents could contain comments with sensitive or proprietary information? Because Collaborator never writes information to a document it’s impossible to slip up.

5. Foolproof access to each version of the document under review: Even wonder if you are making changes to the right version of the document? Ever wonder if a more recent version is out there. With Collaborator, one click is all it takes to download a clean copy of the version under review.

6. Not restricted to editing in Microsoft Word: Add .doc files to reviews that were created in Google Docs or OpenOffice. Participate in reviews via a browser and without having to open Word.

7. A simple but structured process: Have the feeling that a review has gone on far too long? Wonder if everyone has had a chance to comment? Collaborator’s simple and proven workflow tracks review progress at a glance and let’s everyone know when you’re complete.

8. E-mail notification and reporting: Having to remember who to e-mail with revisions is error prone drudgery. With a database driven central repository and e-mail notification, Collaborator automates the busy work and provides out of the box review metrics.

9. Secure and audited: Ever wonder if the review initials on a Microsoft Word review are accurate? Ever have to verify review credentials to auditors? Collaborator maintains review integrity out of the box with standard and LDAP authentication as well as electronic signature support.

10. Based on over a decade of development: Collaborator has been refined with feedback from some of the most innovative software teams in the world. Those teams have relied on Collaborator for years for code review that is structured to drive process improvement and catch more defect before they reach production. Every day thousands of software engineers rely on Collaborator to produce better code in less time.

Ready to take Collaborator for a spin? Click here to start a free 30-day trial.


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