DéjàClick named Best Monitoring and Testing Product by Network Products Guide
Develop | Posted May 18, 2011

We’re very proud to announce that last week Network Products Guide selected DéjàClick as the winner of the 6th Annual 2011 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards in the Monitoring and Testing category.


The direct impact of website slowdowns and outages on company revenue and overall business performance has been documented. As user expectations for website speed and reliability increase, it becomes ever more imperative for companies to know how their Web and mobile websites are performing at all times. DéjàClick empowers businesses to see exactly what their end users see and gives them the knowledge and insight that will allow them to constantly improve that user experience.


DéjàClick was reviewed, judged, and ultimately deemed superior to other monitoring solutions by a panel of CIOs, IT executives, end-users, and other peers. This recognition further validates DéjàClick’s position in the industry as the leading solution for testing, monitoring, diagnosing, and improving the performance of Web and mobile sites.


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