Deep Agile 2009
Develop | Posted March 24, 2009

The Agile Bazaar is the leading community of Agile enthusiasts,
practitioners, and learners in New England. They are based in Boston and are
committed to fostering a greater knowledge of Agile values and

Toward that end, they are doing a two-day conference on April 25-26, Deep Agile 2009: Agile for Embedded Systems. They have some impressive speakers lined up, including Jack Ganssle, James Grenning, and Russel Hill. It should be interesting to see the reaction of embedded software developers to the ideas behind the Agile manifesto.

Smart Bear is a sponsor of the event, so each attendee will get a copy of our book (and there will be other goodies as well). I'll be there soaking up the presentations - the embedded point of view on Agile should be interesting.

If you want to attend, sign up now! The early-bird discount ends on March 28.


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