Another Milestone: 35,000 Users
Develop | Posted April 28, 2010

Back in October of 2009 when I wrote about reaching a milestone of 30,000 users of our peer code review tool, I ended with: "My goal is to do a better job of keeping the web site up to date in the future - look for another update after we cross 35,000."

Well, I failed. It looks like we actually crossed the 35,000 user mark (details on how I calculate the number are here) a while back and I am just now updating the web site today.

We are in fact considerably beyond 35,000 users, but I'm going to stick with that value for now. The reason is that I know from talking with some of our newer customers that they have not yet finished their roll out of Code Collaborator to all the developers in their organization.

So while our license server indicates we've sold enough seats to accommodate much more than 35,000 users, listing the more conservative value paints a more accurate picture of the number of actual living, breathing humans who use the product.

I'll continue to use this approach - when you see a new milestone in the number of Code Collaborator users, keep in mind we hit that amount in sales a while back.


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