5 Reasons That You Absolutely Must Have LoadUI Pro
Develop | Posted November 15, 2012

Businesses have to rely on solid load testing procedures in order to produce highly effective and superior quality software products and configurations. It's up to the quality assurance, acceptance testing, and development groups to make sure the software applications are built to handle the anticipated loads within performance and integrity thresholds.

LoadUI Pro is a premier load testing tool built by our experts at SmartBear-Sweden designed to take load testing to a new level with easy implementation, easy configuration, and easily viewable results. Whether you need to test a cloud-based application, mobile app, or an enterprise level software product, LoadUI Pro has the features to deliver the results that you require.

Here are five reasons to consider LoadUI Pro as your load testing solution:

1. Built off of Open Source

LoadUI Pro is based on LoadUI - the world's most downloaded load testing tool. This means that, as a user of LoadUI Pro, you will be part of a large community of users, allowing you to collaborate, trouble-shoot, and chat with other users of LoadUI and LoadUI Pro.

2. Multiple platforms

The Java-based LoadUI Pro gives you the added flexibility to run on all of the major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. If you have a software product that must be testing on a variety of operating systems you can utilize LoadUI Pro for all of your platforms.

3. Real-time event monitoring including Server Monitoring

The depth of monitoring capabilities is almost endless. LoadUI Pro can monitor web server performance as well as your operating system CPU, RAM, and disk I/O. But LoadUI Pro doesn't stop there. You can also check for database related performance issues such as slow queries, full joins, and the average lock wait times for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MySQL databases. Your application server can be monitored checking trace performance, heap size, and thread count for Tomcat, JBoss, or WebLogic statistics.

4. Comprehensive testing

Test creation is as easy as drag-and-drop to create numerous scenarios. Interactive execution lets you launch a test scenario, pause or stop when needed, or make changes in real-time while the scenario is actually running. This new approach makes the load testing process even more efficient because changes can be made without stopping and restarting scenarios.

If there are service level agreement (SLA) parameters they can be set as part of your evaluation to monitor. The flow control capabilities allow multiple test paths, user simulated delays and other real life emulation scenarios. With seamless integration to the soapUI product you can use one tool to test SOAP/WSDL, REST, Web/HTTPs, AMF, JDBC, and POX applications or services. The test comparison capabilities within LoadUI Pro allow side by side review of information interactively.

5. Analysis and reporting

The greatest benefit to LoadUI Pro is the ability to review statistics instantaneously. Key performance statistics are presented in a visual display as they occur without the need to pause and request a report. When you're ready to produce a report, the LoadUI Pro reporting engine can provide the most detailed data or a consolidated summary depending on your specific needs. Output can be created in PDF, Word, Excel or XML formats to allow the greatest degree of flexibility. As an added feature you can generate customized reports using the interactive report builder tool. With all of the analysis capabilities of LoadUI Pro virtually every item can be reviewed in as much detail as you require.


Every testing group has different requirements depending on the type of product and the scenarios that are required. LoadUI Pro is designed for the maximum amount of adaptability to help in virtually every type of test case.

  • Baseline testing presents you with a typical or expected load scenario
  • Stress testing pushes the application to its limits with heavy load scenarios
  • Endurance testing subjects the application to a long term period of sustained work to determine if adequate performance will be maintained
  • Spike testing allows for random or intermittent increases in activity to evaluate how well the application will react
  • Configuration testing gives you the opportunity to review performance on different platforms and with different settings to check for consistency
  • Isolation testing with LoadUI Pro allows you to focus on a specific performance issue and do more in-depth analysis of the bottleneck
  • Scalability testing presents a method to “turn up the dial” on volume and emulate loads at various operation levels
  • Recovery testing determines how easily your product can recover from an error or event using mock failure scenarios

Every testing group is held to a set of standards to insure that their products meet or exceed expectations of the users. With LoadUI Pro your testing group can have access to a comprehensive tool with numerous built in capabilities and functions – while also realizing the benefit of open source to customize and create very specific and unique situations based on your business requirements.

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