$5 Adds Up: Infochimps Get $2220 Cash Infusion
Develop | Posted July 30, 2009

We offered another Code Reviewer "steal" two weeks ago, making 5 seats available for $5. This special deal was designed to help smaller teams write better code without breaking the bank during these challenging economic times. Now hundreds more organizations all over the world can improve their software by doing painless code review with our tool.

The extra bonus to this little economic stimulus is that we gave away all the money received! We wanted to pick a small start-up doing something cool to benefit the software community (and/or community in general) and give them a little boost to help them grow.

Infochimps, an Austin start-up that provides free online access to data of all kinds, is the lucky beneficiary. Infochimps has received a $2220 chunk of cash from Smart Bear, which they'll use to pursue their mission of increasing the world's access to data. They're also receiving 5 free seats of our Code Reviewer software so they can enjoy fast and easy code reviews too.

Infochimps lets anyone upload a dataset to their large library of information, which features metadata tagging, descriptions, and information about the source. More than 4500 datasets are already online. Most of the data is free and comes with an open license, though the company also welcomes commercial data. Check out their blog to learn more.

Joe Kelly, one of the principal Infochimps, pointed out that "an open marketplace for data encourages more data collection, sharing, and the building of millions of innovative services on top of good data sources." What a fabulous concept!

Smart Bear is delighted that our July $5 for 5 initiative is able to support Infochimps and further the spread of information around the world. It's fitting, since our June special helped Wikipedia work toward a similar goal.


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