Cover Your Bases with BitBar

  July 29, 2022

Releasing high-quality products is crucial for developers and QA teams.

At SmartBear, we’re always looking for ways to improve the software development lifecycle. We want to help developers and QA teams make the best use of their time before releasing products. Testing web or mobile applications ensures rich, robust functionality.

With BitBar, your application works.

What Is BitBar?

BitBar is our next-generation functional testing cloud. It has both mobile and web testing capabilities.

It’s highly scalable and performant and it lets you access the latest devices and browsers. Real ones. With access to BitBar, you automatically get access to thousands of REAL devices and browsers – no need to maintain a lab in-house.

Live Testing, Across the Board

Live testing allows testers to interact personally with web or mobile application on all browsers and devices. For this, you can perform actions in the application just like a user would, then report errors to a system or developer (depending on your company’s workflow).

So whether you’re following a pre-written test script, exploratory testing, or reproducing a customer reported issue, you have instant access to the latest, most popular real devices and desktop environments.

For web testing, simply enter a URL to start a live test. You can choose from a variety of operating systems, browsers, and versions. Then select the desktop resolution or use responsive mode.

For mobile testing, simply upload your app file to any one of hundreds of different mobile devices to immediately begin your live test. Browsers on mobile devices can be tested in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Automated Testing, Lots Under the Hood

Test more in less time with BitBar by running automated tests in parallel across real browsers and devices. Expand your test coverage with cloud-side execution, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes.

With client-side execution, simply change the configurations in your Selenium or Appium scripts to direct the tests to run on BitBar browsers and devices rather than on locally hosted environments.

With cloud-side execution, execute tests on hundreds of real mobile devices in parallel. Test packages are uploaded to the cloud. Parallel execution is handled by BitBar under the hood.

BitBar also integrates with TestComplete, which gives your non-technical users access to test automation. TestComplete is an easy-to-use test automation tool that tests every desktop, web, mobile, or packaged application. When combined, TestComplete can create a codeless test then scale that test across browsers and devices in the BitBar cloud.

Automated tests can be initiated with every build and triggered automatically from your CI tool. This uses either native integrations or open API. Expanding your test coverage across browsers and devices will seamlessly fit into your existing processes.

The Combined Power of Both Live & Automated Testing

Whether you use live or automated testing, you can capture test artifacts like screenshots, recorded video, and more.

All test results can be downloaded to share with your team or sent automatically by integrating with the tools you already use.

For testing local or development sites, BitBar offers the SmartBear SecureTunnel. This lets you test without altering firewall configuration rules.

Why BitBar Pays Off – Short and Long Term

Testing your application with BitBar allows you to release the high-quality product your customers expect. You get access to real browsers, real devices, and accurate results for the version your customer is using.

Increase test coverage and decrease test execution time by running automated tests in parallel across browsers and devices. Seamlessly integrate testing with your current tech stack or CI/CD pipeline.

Don’t spend time managing environments – focus on what matters.

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