Checking in with the SmartBear Community and SmartBear Academy - Q1 2023

  June 02, 2023

Thanks for checking in with the SmartBear Community and SmartBear Academy - two great resources for discussing and learning our SmartBear products! 😊

The SmartBear Community is a place to connect with QA, DevOps, API, and Testing Professionals (just like you!) to ask questions, find solutions, and explore products.

The SmartBear Academy is where you can help improve your knowledge of SmartBear’s products with free online learning courses and live classes.

Here is a recap of Community and Academy activities during the first quarter of 2023:

Q1 2023 SmartBear Community Numbers

Here are some stats from a busy first quarter!




new members







Q1 2023 Community Leaders

Shout out to all the Community Leaders for Q1! These Community members were top contributors to the SmartBear Community by actively participating in community discussions, sharing their knowledge, and providing valuable feedback.

Thank you for your contributions to the SmartBear Community!

  • @Kitt
  • @AlexKaras
  • @ChrisAdams
  • @nmrao
  • @KarelHusa
  • @JoostDG
  • @MisterB
  • @Marsha_R
  • @chichepo
  • @rraghvani
  • @TNeuschwanger
  • @KB1
  • @JuZ0

New Community Look!

The Community is starting to look a little different! (Check it out!) We are in the process of redesigning the Community. Stay tuned for more enhancements as we work to improve your Community experience!

SmartBear Community

Q1 2023 SmartBear Academy Numbers

Here are some figures from an active Q1!


course completions


students joined


certificates issued

Top Academy Courses

Our most popular courses during the first quarter of 2023 included TestComplete Web Automation Engineer and TestComplete Desktop Automation Engineer.

New On Demand Courses Added!

We added four new courses for three SmartBear products during Q1 2023.

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