Heart Test Laboratories Reduces Code Review and Test Review Timeline by 70%
Collaborate | Posted February 15, 2017

In 2016, after $15M and eight years of invested time, research and development on Heart Test Laboratory’s product, MyoVista, was completed. Their next challenge: getting the low-cost, accurate screening test that helps asses heart disease to market as fast as possible.

Heart Test Laboratory's seven-person development team needed to conduct unit testing, integration testing and final-acceptance testing to ensure MyoVista was performing as required when hitting the market. By relying on Collaborator, the team reduced their projected three-month test and code review process to just three weeks, helping to bring MyoVista to market on time.

Collaborator enables software teams to execute code reviews and document reviews for every workflow—design, development and deployment. In addition to making it easy to document and review user stories and requirements, Collaborator also facilitates communication across dispersed teams.

“It’s very powerful to have Collaborator create a documentation package that documents reviews with a great level of detail structured in a way to facilitate audits and integrate with other project documents," said Aaron Peterson, Vice President of Research and Development at Heart Test Laboratories. "The solution helps our software team hit its milestones and complete our regulatory submissions when required. We also benefit from a 70% reduction in our code review and test review timeline."

Increased efficiency, time savings and improved knowledge transfer across the extended development team are what drive organizations to Collaborator. If you're interested in experiencing the power of Collaborator first-hand, sign up for a free trial today.

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