Checklist of Ecommerce Optimization Techniques

  May 18, 2020

Every second counts when it comes to e-commerce loading times. According to Portent, conversion rates fell by 4.42% with each additional second of load time between zero and five seconds. In addition to rising user performance expectations, many search engine algorithms now factor loading time into their ranking criteria.

Read more about some of the most common ecommerce performance issues, then let’s takes steps on how you can avoid them.

Use these techniques to improve your ecommerce website’s conversion rates.

  • Use high-quality product photos
  • Provide all specs in product descriptions
  • Leverage social proof (e.g. ratings and testimonials)
  • Put the ‘buy’ or ‘add to cart’ button above the fold
  • Clearly display shipping information
  • Ensure that everything is secure (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Experiment with different headlines and calls to action
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