3 Challenges to Delivering Quality Software in Visual Studio

  August 29, 2016

You have probably run into quality issues within your Agile organization. Often, quality issues can be traced back to three main factors:

  1. Not focusing enough on quality early in the development process
  2. Not having Dev support for testing
  3. Having a highly siloed dev and QA teams

How do you solve these challenges?

The first challenge can be addressed by implementing critical processes at the right stage of the software development lifecycle.

A key factor in implementing these processes — especially on teams that follow an Agile approach to software development — will be having adequate developer support.

Teams that are implementing an agile approach to software development, must also have tools that fit well into a developer’s environment. Specifically, if a developer relies on Visual Studio to write code, other tools that drive processes helping build quality applications must work within the Visual Studio environment.

Why is having integrated tools so important?

One of the biggest reasons is that it reduces the friction that can often occur when developers need to switch from within an IDE to a separate tool to do other functions. This can be a costly and time consuming process.

In addition, working with tools that fit within Visual Studio also helps to break down the barriers that can be caused between development and QA teams that are reliant on a separate set of tools. Breaking down these barriers allows for more continuous testing and delivery.

Delivering Software Quality in Visual Studio

We recently published a new resource focused on helping development teams that rely on Visual Studio to address these specific problems. In putting this resource together, we looked at the different processes agile teams need to implement to deliver software quality and how having the right tools can help.

The goal of this resource is to help break down barriers across teams to enable you to deliver quality software faster, better, and more efficiently in Visual Studio. And since technology and processes influence the way we socialize and collaborate, we believe this would also help you reduce the disparity that exists between siloed dev and QA teams.

We will cover:

  • Key requirements for reducing delays in an Agile process
  • Build quality within Visual Studio processes
  • Keys to make development contribute to testing
  • Writing UI tests in Visual Studio that are robust, scalable, and easily maintainable

Get your copy.