Checklist of Automation Tools

  Mai 25, 2020

Most development teams follow a standardized process when it comes to unit and integration tests, but load tests tend to be more disorganized. Fail to properly implement load tests, and it can lead to performance bugs that reach production users. Those are costly.

But load testing is easy to implement. Read about how you can implement a robust load testing methodology from start to finish.

Poorly designed load tests can create an environment where costly performance bugs reach production users.

Use this checklist to find the best tools to automate your test suite.

  • Jenkins - The leading open source automation server with hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying, and automating any tests.
  • Selenium - The leading browser automation suite for developing UI and end-to-end tests to validate user interfaces.
  • Cucumber - The leading BDD testing and collaboration tool for teams to ensure that technical and business teams are on the same page.
  • LoadNinja - A leading load testing tool designed to simplify the script creation process and make it easy for developers to find defects.
  • Jira - A leading issue and project tracking solution that makes it easy for everyone to stay on the same page. Check out Zephyr for Jira for test management.

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