The Engineering Manager’s Dilemma

For an engineering manager, there never seems to be a right answer. Your customers and business partners are constantly demanding new features while your developers complain about slow builds, flickering automated tests and legacy code that they can’t work with. There’s a constant background noise of interviewing and hiring, and you’re not sure whether to spend that learning & development budget you fought so hard for on a training class or to send people to conferences.

And now, someone is suggesting you adopt BDD !!?!# 🤯🙈

In this talk, we’ll examine the trade-offs around adopting BDD. While the benefits can be enormous, it doesn’t come for free, and it pays for everyone to be prepared to make this investment wholeheartedly, with your eyes open. We’ll explore some of the benefits people have enjoyed as they adopt BDD, and look at where the investment costs come, and how soon they start to amortize.

Duration: 60 minutes

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