SmartBear Connect APAC: Shift Up

We all have big choices for the future. While SmartBear values quality above all, the question remains on the fastest way to achieve it.

Join us and your peers in the APAC region as we hold a live event, sorting through the best development techniques of today while discerning which ones will be the best tomorrow. We love shift left. We love shift right. But the important thing is that we remember the main goal: Shift Up.

Agenda (you can choose which sessions you go to each day)

Day 1

Oct 20th: Functional Testing and Test Management Day (8.30am – 12.30pm AEDT)

  • Opening Keynote: Welcome to SmartBear Connect APAC
  • Product Session: Accelerating Software Quality with TestComplete 
  • Keynote: Quality isn't just a goal. It's the whole point.
  • Product Session: Test Management for any size and complexity with Zephyr

Day 2

Oct 21st: API Lifecycle Day (8.30am – 12:00pm AEDT)

  • Welcome Back!
  • Keynote: Future-proofing Your APIs – Myth or Best Practice?
  • Product Session: Swagger and SwaggerHub: Driving the Future of API Design
  • Spotlight: How Singularity Takes an API-First Approach to DevOps Automation
Duration: 2 day event

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