Integration Series: Collaborator + Jira

A key component to the success of Collaborator as a peer review tool for code, documents, and Simulink models, is its supported integrations. Collaborator extends its functionality beyond repository connections to also include issue-tracking with a dedicated integration with Atlassian’s JIRA.

We continue our integration series with our fourth session and a look at the integration with Atlassian’s JIRA for issue-tracking. We’ll walk through setting up a connection between Collaborator and a JIRA server, generating the required credentials to support the webhooks, and linking JIRA projects in Collaborator. We’ll also look at the dedicated Collaborator plug-in for JIRA, how to install and configure it for SaaS JIRA applications, and how to link it to specific JIRA projects. Finally, we’ll look at how to make connections to JIRA issues, or create new JIRA issues, out of reviews in progress in Collaborator.

Highlights include:

  • JIRA webhooks integration
  • Collaborator plug-in configuration
  • Workflow demonstration
Duration: 60 minutes

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