Integration Series: Collaborator + Azure DevOps

A key component to the success of Collaborator as a peer review tool for code, documents, and Simulink models, is its supported repository infrastructure. From the earliest days of Collaborator, users could create reviews and manually upload their artifacts for inspection. Collaborator expanded functionality with the Enterprise Client that connected to over a dozen repository systems, making review creation and updating a very smooth process. As the development world moved forward with the expansion of GIT as source control, Collaborator kept pace by adding webhooks integrations with the most common of those solutions: Azure DevOps, BitBucket, GitHub, and GitLab. 

We continue our integration series with our third session and a look at the latest of the git-based webhooks options with Azure DevOps. We’ll walk through setting up a repository in Azure DevOps, generating the required credentials to support the webhooks, and linking that repository in Collaborator. We’ll also look at the integration settings and how Collaborator and Azure DevOps tie together to help manage and control your review workflow, with custom options for merge strategies and an exciting new, behind-the-scenes feature for the webhooks integrations.

Highlights include:

  • Azure DevOps webhooks integration
  • Collaborator repository configuration
  • Workflow demonstration
Duration: 60 minutes

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