How Dell ISG’s DevOps Organization Streamlined Processes With Collaborator

Dell’s ISG division consists of storage, servers and networking, cloud solutions, data protection, and converged/hyperconverged infrastructure. With over 50 product groups and over 10k employees, standardization was a barrier to achieving true workforce collaboration and mobility. In order to reduce duplication of effort and increase alignment and collaboration, Dell-ISG created a centralized DevOps group and chose Collaborator as their single code and peer review tool. 

By implementing Collaborator, Dell-ISG was able to standardize and streamline their CI/CD pipeline, identify bottlenecks in their review process, remove duplication of effort and ultimately increase their code review productivity. 

Join us to hear Adam Arakelian, Director of Engineering in the Dell-ISG Division, talk about their journey with Collaborator.  You will learn: 

  • How Dell-ISG approached the challenges that came with aligning a large-sized organization
  • The culture change needed to drive standardization across the org
  • Their selection of Collaborator as a tool of choice for code and peer review
  • How Collaborator enabled them to standardize and streamline their processes
Duration: 60 minutes

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