See The Newest Enhancements in TestComplete 11.3

Improved Object Recognition

  • Recognize complex dynamically generated controls easily and quickly 
  • Run recorded test case across websites having dynamic controls without making any changes

Support for AngularJS and AngularUI web frameworks

  • Test web apps that are using client-side JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and AngularUI 
  • Support for other popular web frameworks such as ASP.NET MVC, BackBoneJS, and Ruby on Rails also included

Better emulation of mobile devices

  • Built-in browser profiles for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Google Nexus 6 among others
  • Emulation capabilities for existing browsers have also been improved

Features Added in Previous Releases

Support for Python 

  • Record or create automated test scripts using Python.

New Source Control Systems Integration

  • Maintain test versioning using integration with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.

SoapUI NG and SoapUI Integration

Reuse Functional tests as load tests

  • Convert TestComplete Web tests into performance tests.
  • No need to write separate tests for performance and functional testing. 
  • Assign virtual users after conversion to ensure predictable performance at different stress levels.

Plug-in for Jenkins

  • Use new plug-in for Jenkins to launch TestComplete tests directly from Jenkins builds. Results get automatically updated to Jenkins after execution.

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