Record and Replay Object-Based Tests

Easily create automated recorded tests more stable and harder to break. No scripting knowledge required!


Read the object name and properties from the web application.


Record actions of the object: selection, string input, checking/unchecking and much more.


Recognize the most common UI library objects and web application-specific elements for your development platform.


Use same names for the windows and controls that were assigned by the developers.

Automated Testing Object-Based Recording

Screenshot Capture

Our Automated Test Visualizer captures more than just screenshots.  Grab accurate information about objects and properties of your web application while highlighing tested objects, making it easy to understand and analyze your automated tests.

Insert and automate new test operations and testing checkpoints directly from the screens without even accessing the tested web application.

Include a side-by-side view of the originally captured screen and the screen captured during the playback of your automated test.

Easily identify changes that occur during recording and playback of user action on the web application.

Update the originally captured screens automatically during the test run whenever the tested application changes.

Test results with expected and actual images

Different Types of Testing

Testcomplete supports many different software testing types that you can easily automate.

Cross Browser Testing

TestComplete provides out-of-the-box support for the HTML5 technology stack to help quality engineers verify the cross-browser consistency and reliability of modern HTML5 web applications.

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HTML5 Testing

Performing cross-browser verifications manually is time consuming, since most of the browser versions cannot co-exist with each other. TestComplete makes cross-browser testing easy. It hides many of the specific browser implementations details, allowing the user to focus on testing of user interaction through common interface.

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Unit Testing

Easily re-use existing unit tests and include them into existing TestComplete Web projects. Add, run, and report on TestNG, PyUnit, Ruby, PHPUnit, NUnit, and JUnit framework others. Access internal object, methods and properties of tested applications.

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Keyword Testing

TestComplete Web allows you to record new keyword operations into existing automated software tests or even modify the recorded automated software tests, saving rework and create automated software tests faster. Keyword testing in TestComplete Web is object-oriented and does not depend on the controls’ layout of the screen.

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Regression Testing

Automate web regression tests easily and quickly using TestComplete Platform and TestComplete Web. Additionally, integration available with automated builds and defect tracking tools ensures problems caused by recent code modifications are identified and fixed as soon as possible.

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Data-Driven Testing

TestComplete Platform allows you to drive web tests with input and expected values from an external data source instead of using the same hard-coded values each time the test runs. Data-driven testing feature of TestComplete allows you can to increase automated test coverage.

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Compare Operations Using Checkpoints

In built checkpoints provided by TestComplete enable you to perform verifications and ensure the tested web application functions properly. You can even create custom web checkpoints to perform verifications.

Use special wizard to create custom checkpoints without writing automated test script code

Use inbuilt checkpoints to compare two images pixel-by-pixel, files (byte-by-byte), or object’s property value.

Verify web application’s object and XML document using these inbuilt checkpoints.

Confirm data integrity inside of a database table or view or a even within query result,.

Check for tabular control, such as grid, list view, list box or even clipboard contents.

Verify web service’s response and actions over a web page, like checking for broken links and use of ActiveX objects.


Detailed web testing logs generated can be can be viewed directly in TestComplete Web, or can be exported to HTML, XML or MHT format. Testers can even post custom messages, images, files and other entry types to the test log.

Easily detect automated test operation that caused error in web testing by double-clicking on a log entry.

Add custom text and HTML contents to desktop logs and color-code it for better visual analysis.

Capture screenshots for failed test operations and make it easier for developers to identify the root cause of the problem.

Submit automated test log data directly to bug tracking, issue-tracking and project management systems such as Bugzilla, JIRA, Microsoft Visual Studio, and QAComplete.

Custom Extensions

Everything visible in TestComplete Platform — panels, project items, specific scripting objects, and others — is implemented as plugins. You can thus create your own plugins and extend TestComplete Platform to provide the specific functionality you need for testing web applications.

Use TestComplete Platform’s SDK along with TestComplete Web to build custom plugins.

Created plugins with full-fledged programming languages such as Visual C++, C# or Delphi.

Use VBScript or JScript to build script extensions directly in TestComplete Platform without using Platform's SDK files and modules.

Use existing examples of script extensions provided with TestComplete Platform’s installation package to get up and running quickly.

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