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Increase Test Coverage

Selenium is a popular open-source tool often used by developers and automation engineers for running automated web tests. The WebDriver protocol is now built into the TestComplete platform enabling you to scale tests across all browsers on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android and iOS. You can use record-playback and our keyword-driven framework or script in JavaScript, Python or VBScript. 

Eliminate Selenium Bottlenecks

While Selenium is widely used, it comes with its fair share of challenges. These challenges significantly increase test creation and maintenance time, ultimately reducing the Return on Investment for test automation. Apart from providing a robust platform for test automation that includes very reliable record and playback, a keyword-drive framework, built-in integrations with all popular tools in the testing ecosystem, reporting, image-based testing and a world-class support team, TestComplete has several other advantages

No Need to Set Up Servers, Drivers, or Plugins  

Getting started with test automation using the Selenium WebDriver protocol is as easy as launching the tool and clicking on the record button. The entire Selenium infrastructure including Java Runtime Environment, Selenium Server and drivers for each web browser is automatically set up for you. Even if your browser versions change, TestComplete will take care of this for you. Advantage: No set up time 

Robust Object Identifiers for Every Web Control 

Choosing the correct identifier for an object is extremely important to ensure that test scripts are stable and continue to work in the long run. TestComplete engineers have spent a significant amount of time creating the best browser-agnostic selector strategy for every control type in web applications. You do not have to worry about pesky nuances in Safari or IE, or develop custom scripts to work with dynamic elements, or create complex work arounds for iFrames, ShadowDOM or Chromium Embedded Frameworks. Simply create one script and that across any browser, platform, mobile device or operating system. Advantage: Reduced test creation and maintenance time 


Native Integration with a Device Cloud 

TestComplete has a built-in integration with our very own device cloud, CrossBrowserTesting. You will have on-demand access to over 2000 combinations of browsers, mobile devices and operating systems right inside TestComplete. After your test run is complete, results will be displayed in TestComplete along with your other test runs. You can also easily set up your environment such that’s your tests are triggered from a CI system such as Jenkins, Bamboo or Azure DevOps. Advantage: Increased test coverage 


Built-In Screenshots and Automatic Waits 

Each step in a test script has an associated screen shot and automatic wait command when applicable. Built-in methods FindElement and WaitElement significantly improves authoring experience and eliminates the need for explicit wait commands or delays. TestComplete supports JavaScript, Python and VBScript out-of-the box. Advantage: Simplified debugging 

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