Why Start Web Monitoring With AlertSite

Your web and mobile business needs uninterrupted service 24/7. Slow webpage load times mean lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. With AlertSite Performance Monitoring you get an up to date view of the health of your key business transactions.

The Top 10 Reasons Companies Choose AlertSite

10. Our scripts are easy to create (even your boss could do it)

Record transactions directly inside your browser using the DéjàClick toolbar and start monitoring without the need to add custom scripting or wait for vendor approvals.

9. We have the most reliable alerts available

Our alerts are triple checked so you don’t have to worry about false alarms that wake you up in the middle of the night unnecessarily.

8. When website problems happen we have the complete picture

Each time an error or alert occurs we capture screen shots, header info and source code to help you find the root cause and get the problem fixed faster.

7. Stay competitive with industry benchmarks

Track how your website is performing against the competition with detailed performance rankings.

6. Ajax, Flex and Flash ready ‘out of the box’

No custom scripting, timings, or coding is needed to monitor Rich Internet Applications. Plus we’ve just added advanced image validation capabilities to make it easier to determine if Flash or other images on your website are displaying correctly.

5. We monitor using real Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers

With AlertSite you can capture monitoring results across multiple browsers to quickly identify performance differences and optimization opportunities.

4. You’ve heard of ‘rollover minutes’ … we have ‘rollover measurements’

Most vendors take away unused measurements at the end of each month…with AlertSite we let your rollover up to 20% of your measurements in to the next billing cycle.

3. Save time re-scripting with the most stable scripts around

With most AlertSite scripts there is no need to re-record every time there is a small change on the webpage. Our smart recording technology lets you record it once and automatically determines the best (and most stable) way to navigate your Website.

2. Flexible usage plans to meet your business needs

With AlertSite there is no need to call your sales rep to change your monitoring mix… simply configure it the way you want to meet your current business needs. Increase monitoring frequency during peak times or add, subtract, and switch monitoring locations at any time.

1. We’ll save you money and help you monitor more of your Website

With AlertSite your monitoring budget will go further so you can monitor more of what matters to your business. Give us a call and we’ll show you.

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