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Automation has become essential for software development teams today looking to keep pace with the rising demands for higher-quality software and lightning-fast delivery cycles. Manual testing is notoriously time-consuming and prone to human error, but less than half of all tests today are automated. By switching from manual to automated testing, teams can eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks to improve test coverage and accuracy, and save both time and money.


Getting Started with Automation

Mapping out an automated testing strategy is tough. While manual tests need to be replaced, not every test step can or should be automated. Deciding which UI tests should be automated and what should stay manual is a critical first step. You will want to outline each initiative like this, from documenting your test processes and building out your framework, to planning for new automation engineers and training. Frame how long each will take and estimate the cost for each to build your roadmap.

What to Automate First

Learn what test cases you should automate and what needs to stay manual.

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6 Tips for Getting Started with Automated Testing

Follow these best practices to get set up and running in no time.

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How to build a UI Automation Framework in 7 Steps

Build a successful foundation for your automated testing cycles and ensure long-term success for you and your team.

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Step-By-Step Roadmap for Transitioning

Discover the keys behind every successful transformation and how to build your roadmap.

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Measuring the ROI of Automation

Once you have begun to implement your automated testing strategy, it’s important for your continued success that you not only measure the return on your investment, but that you do so accurately. Ideally, you will have laid out the cost / benefit analysis prior to getting started to help pitch the business case for making the switch from manual to automated testing. Once done, you can benchmark yourself against the goals you previously outlined. We've covered some of the best practices for you to follow and common pitfalls you will want to avoid below.

6 Ways to Measure the ROI of Automated Testing

Follow the six measurements in this ebook to calculate the monetary ROI you could realize from moving to automation.

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How to Succeed When Moving Beyond Manual Testing

Learn what the biggest problems teams new to automation face and how to overcome them.

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Calculate Your Automation ROI

Discover what your ROI of automated testing would be by moving to TestComplete.

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When to Stick with Manual Testing

Despite the industry push to automation, especially for teams looking to adopt an Agile or DevOps methodology, teams need to take a step back and remember that manual testing still has a purpose. There are specific types of UI bugs that are hard to find, and frankly counterproductive and costly to try and trace and fix with automation. Testing practices like exploratory testing, monkey (or ad hoc) testing, and GUI testing benefit from having ‘a human touch.'

What is Manual Testing?

Read about the history, principles, and future of the quintessential testing technique.

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Exploratory Testing Playbook

Discover the 7 personas you should be testing for with exploratory testing and why it's an important practice.

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It's Time to Start Monkeying Around...with Software Testing

What is Monkey testing? Learn more about the ad-hoc testing technique and how you can use it to find tricky UI bugs.

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Use Automation to Assist, Not Replace Manual Testing.

Automated test cases and manual test cases should work in harmony. Learn how effectively to integrate the two.

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Choosing an Automated Testing Tool

The right tool can make or break any attempt to switch from manual to automated testing. You will want to ensure that the tool you adopt meets the needs of your team. Consider the type of software you’re building, the underlying code, what devices your consumers will be using your product on, and what your short and long-term development strategy is. If you're looking to advance quickly to a DevOps ideology, or simply start with the basics, will the tool you pick empower or limit your team’s capabilities down the road?

10 Features Every Automated Testing Tool Should Have

Discover the top features you should take into consideration when evaluating a new automated testing tool.

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Automated Testing Tool Buyer's Guide

Use this guide to measure and evaluate the top features of every automated UI testing tool you're considering.

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TestComplete: Automated UI Testing Tool

Script or use Record & Replay to create automated tests. Run regression, parallel, cross-browser, and data-driven tests.

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Try Automation For Yourself: TestComplete Free Trial

Start automating your GUI web, desktop, and mobile tests with the easiest-to-use automated testing tool.

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Test Management: Tying Your Manual and Automated Efforts Together

Test cases are the backbone of software quality. Once you’ve transitioned and are executing both manual and automated tests, it will be critical for you to report on your testing efforts as a whole. The most efficient way to do so is with a test management tool. According to the 2017 State of Testing Report, less than half of all teams today practice some form of test management, with many still using excel. With the right platform, you can manage both your manual and automated tests, link them to requirements and tasks, and build custom reports to streamline your processes.

The Secret Weapon for Increasing the Value of Your Testing Efforts

Learn how to effectively manage your manual and automated test cases simultaneously with a test management tool.

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Implementing a Test Management Strategy in Excel and Beyond

Discover the downfall of managing your tests with Excel, why the practice is hard to scale, and how a management tool can help.

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Solving Test Case Management Struggles

Learn what the top test management challenges today are and what the future will hold for the practice from industry experts. 

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The Most Customizable Test Management Tool

Start managing your manual and automated tests from one central location. Integrate with Jira to trace requirements. Try QAComplete today.

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