Scaling Cross Platform, Cross Device Tests Has Never Been Easier

TestExecute is a lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use runtime license that helps reduce testing time by splitting tests created using TestComplete or TestLeft on distributed infrastructure containing physical as well as virtual machines. It’s perfect for setting up parallel test suites, specifying specific actions that need to be performed after each run, and the data that needs to be shared across tests.


Run Multiple Tests Concurrently

Save time by executing multiple desktop, mobile, and web tests across distributed environments, devices, and wide range of technologies, including .NET, Winforms, AngularJS  Java, WPF, Oracle, HTML5, iOS, Android in parallel. Integrate these automated tests with other tools in your dev & QA ecosystems (e.g. Jenkins, Git, Subversion) for even faster feedback.  

Reduce Testing Costs

Use TestExecute to run mobile, web, and desktop tests on physical or virtual machines that don’t have TestComplete installed. Save money and get better return on your investment as there is no need to buy full TestComplete license for executing or distributing tests across different systems. 


Real Time Reporting

Get one master summary report across all tests run on physical and virtual machines. Use easy-to-read pie charts to spot pass/fail trends and analyze results across tests from a single place. Detailed description, including clear and actionable reasons for failure, is even provided at the child item level. You can even export these reports in common file formats such as XML, MHT, or HTML to share them with other stakeholders. 

Integrations for the tools that matter












Test Behind the Corporate Firewall or on the Cloud

Split test runs across development and staging environments within a public cloud or behind corporate firewall and proxies. Use out of the box synchronization events to coordinate actions across tests run as part of a suite. You even get a single consolidated report after tests have been run. 


Share Data Among Distributed Tests

Use a single data source across different distributed tests during the run. Just define the data source and variety of network suite variables available make the sharing of data between master and child projects easier. Avoid shared file data access conflicts by setting up synchronization points. 

Get Comprehensive Logs

Screenshots captured during test execution help figure out any UI inconsistencies during recording and running of tests. You also get a detailed log of all actions that were performed as the tests are being run across differnet  physical and virtual machines..


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