Test Automation for Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps

Automate UI testing for any iOS or Android app

Use script-free record and replay or choose from six languages, including Python and JavaScript, to create test automation scripts. Record repeatable and consistent gestures across any mobile device. Get full device control when creating automated UI tests. There is no modify or jail-break the app.

Separate the UI object identification from the test logic to build stable, easy-to-maintain automated tests. Seamless integration available with build server, source control systems, and defect management tools allows you to run automated mobile UI tests around the clock.

Automate Testing for Native, Hybrid, or Web iOS and Android Apps

TestComplete Mobile allows you to create robust automated tests for native, web, iOS or Android applications. Unlike other mobile testing tools, TestComplete Mobile provides full device control and as a result  there is no need to root your devices.

  • Run automated tests on real devices as well as emulators without writing a single line of code.
  • Create test once and run it on multiple devices having different  screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Test Xamarin.Android applications as well as apps using frameworks such as WebView, PhoneGap, Telerik Icenium, Apache Cordova among many others.
  • Choose from Python, VBScript, JScript, C++Script, C#Script,JavaScript, and DelphiScript as scripting languages.

Support for iOS 9.2 and Swift

Test latest versions iOS applications. This includes support for Swift, Apple’s new programming language for iOS and OS X. Most importantly, you can do this without writing a single line of code.  

  • Automatic instrumentation of iOS 9.2 apps. No need to jailbreak your phone or tablet.
  • Test applications built using Apple’s new programming language Swift.
  • Test iOS controls like table and text views, tab bars, and sliders.
  • Support for Xamarin.iOS applications.
  • Run automated tests on real phones and tablets.
  • Manage your devices in a device pool for easy access.


Reduce Time to Create and Maintain Mobile Tests

TestComplete Mobile’s point-and-click automated test recorder allows you to play back a recorded automated test as it is or even modify it on the fly without having to record it from scratch.

  • No need to write and implement special instrumentation in your apps. TestComplete Mobile provides automatic instrumentation.
  • Record tests at object level and not at coordinates or image level, thereby ensuring your regression tests don’t fail when interface changes or when controls are moved, added, or resized.  
  • Use TestComplete Mobile’s built-in automated test visualizer to compare screenshots of the mobile test screen saved during recording and playback.  
  • Extend TestComplete Mobile's platform to meet your specific testing needs.  

Record Repeatable and Consistent Mobile Gestures

TestComplete Mobile’s unique technology saves gestures having multiple touches accurately and then allows you to replay these gestures on multiple devices in the exact same manner every time.

  • Flexibility to record a library of multi-touch gestures directly from devices: swipe, pinch, long touch, drag and drop, scroll, etc.
  • Ability to record gesture on one device and play it back on another device.
  • Remove variability typically introduced through manual intervention while recognizing and recording simultaneous touch actions.


Access Real Devices to Create Robust Mobile Test Cases

TestComplete Mobile gives you complete access to a mobile device. As a result, while testing for display, user experience, or even functionality, you can tap into capabilities of the device itself.

  • Create tests for applications using sensor data such as GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope.
  • Use TestComplete Mobile’s inbuilt methods to test for loss of Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
  • Mock GPS Location to test location-aware applications.
  • Test for user experience in portrait or landscape mode. 
  • Switch application language to test for internationalization.

Perform Continuous Integration

TestComplete Mobile lets you integrate tests into the other tools in your development ecosystem, allowing you to connect your automated tests to build systems, profiling tools, and defect tracking.

  • Use TestComplete Mobile's plug-in for Jenkins to execute test projects directly from Jenkins.
  • Attach test logs and bug reports to defect tracking tools such as Atlassian JIRA. 
  • Send TestComplete tests directly to QAComplete.
  • Integrate with source control systems like Git, Subversion, and Mercurial.
  • Run mobile regression tests as a part of automated builds with tools like Bamboo.

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Test Securely on Cloud & Reduce Costs

With TestComplete Mobile, you can organize your own infrastructure to test applications in the cloud securely. This can be really helpful in reducing hardware, software and services testing costs.

  • Reduce testing costs as no additional TestComplete Mobile licenses are required to run tests on clouds or virtual systems. 
  • Use TestExecute to run multiple tests in cloud and virtual systems simultaneously.
  • Insert checkpoints into your scripts and keyword tests to more quickly debug tests run on cloud.

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