TestComplete Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use TestComplete on virtual machines?

You can run TestComplete on virtual machines. However, you cannot activate licenses there.
For Node-Locked licenses this means that this license type does not work on virtual machines.
As for Floating User licenses, you can activate a license on a physical computer and then install and run TestComplete instances on virtual machines. These virtual machines must have a network connection to the License Manager PC (that is, to the physical computer, which you activated the license on).
If you own a Node-Locked license and want to use TestComplete on virtual machines, please consider purchasing a Floating User license or buying a license of TestExecute. You can purchase a TestExecute licenses for each computer and/or virtual machine in which you want to run tests you’ve created in TestComplete. TestExecute licenses are particularly useful for distributed testing.

Can I activate my TestComplete license on a computer that is not connected to the Internet?

Yes, you can. You need to exchange data with the SmartBear web site manually. To do this, you should find another computer that has a working Internet connection and a network connection to your computer. This computer will be an intermediary between your computer and the Smartbear web site.

Do I need a license server for Floating User licenses?

Yes. When purchasing Floating User licenses, you get the License Manager utility that can be installed on the server computer and manage the license usage.
Also, the license management modules are included in the TestComplete package. So, you can install a TestComplete instance on the server and activate the license on it.

Can I create tests with TestExecute?

No. TestExecute can only run tests that have previously been created in TestComplete.

Can I use TestComplete on Cloud Computers?

Cloud computers are virtual machines. Hence, using TestComplete on cloud computers is similar to how you use it on virtual machines. For more information on using TestComplete on virtual machines, please read the FAQ answer to the question Can I use TestComplete on virtual machines?
For TestComplete trials, we don’t recommend that you activate them on cloud computers, despite the fact that trial licenses can be activated on virtual machines. The reason is that TestComplete’s licensing subsystem “binds” the license to the physical computer, on which a virtual machine is running. The cloud engine automatically selects a physical computer for running cloud machines. If the engine runs your cloud computer on different physical computer than what the license was bound to, the licensing module will block the license and you will not be able to use it. If your license is blocked this way, please contact our sales team for assistance.
If you need to run tests on cloud computers, as a means of distributed testing, please activate TestComplete on a workstation in your network and use TestExecute to run tests on cloud computers. To realize this configuration, you will need to have a VPN connection to the cloud machine. For details, see Using TestComplete in Cloud Computing.

Can I move a TestComplete license from one computer to another?

Yes, you can. Moving a license includes two steps:
Deactivate the license on the computer where it is currently activated. Activate the license it on another computer.

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