Harness the Power of Automated Test Reuse

Don’t start from scratch. Easily build and execute modular test scripts for reusability across projects and environments to expand test coverage.

TestComplete automated test reuse

Follow Test Automation Best Practices with TestComplete

Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to? Traditional test creation and execution can be very tedious - repeating steps with common elements to be tested in numerous combinations. Capturing test patterns and creating modular test scripts for reuse can eliminate painstaking tasks for QA testers. Follow testing best practices by leveraging the power of test reusability with TestComplete. You'll ensure test scalability and application stability by reusing the work you already put effort into building. Rather than starting from scratch, TestComplete lets you execute your functional UI tests or copy and paste parts of your unit, Selenium, SoapUI tests and more to address all your automated testing needs.

automated test reuse

Reuse Project Elements Across All UI Tests

TestComplete project workspaces are designed for test reusability. Easily share a script holding common functionality or routines with other test projects to achieve test scalability. With TestComplete, you won’t have to map your navigation menu to every webpage when you can create a reusable function, regardless of the page you start from.

You can seamlessly reference routines and variables from other units when scripting directly from TestComplete and execute test scripts directly from our test management tool, QAComplete - saving time and accelerating your development lifecycle.

Design a Custom Library Built for Reusing Functional Tests

Ensure maximum reuse with minimum effort by creating a library of units to be quickly referenced by other projects. Copy and paste parts of script and scriptless tests for reuse directly from the TestComplete UI. Leverage our customizable name mapping functionality to search and identify reusable scripts across your test suite or provide instant insight on how new features should be tested to prevent defect leakage.

Optimize Reuse for Boosting Test Coverage

Imagine one test doing all the work. TestComplete makes increasing test coverage easy across configurations and your application. You can reuse your automated functional tests across 1,500 real browsers, operating systems, and resolution configurations, and run hundreds of tests at once to cut your test time down to a fraction of the time. Say goodbye to ad-hoc reinvention of test cases and dedicate your time towards un-tested parts of your application.

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