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Citrix Testing Using TestComplete

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides remote access to Windows applications and desktops to users on-demand. Citrix provides a vital service given the prevalence of distributed workforces and remote work around the world. Companies today deploy Citrix Apps for widespread access across the organization, and given the vast impact it has, Citrix applications need to be tested and automated. 

There are two ways these applications can be automated: by installing an automation tool on the Citrix server, or by interacting with the Remote Desktop using image-based and OCR techniques from the local machine. TestComplete offers both options to suit your automation requirements. 

Citrix Application Testing with Powerful Object Recognition

When TestComplete is installed on the Citrix server, you can leverage its powerful property-based object recognition engine to uniquely identify every control, including buttons, input fields, combo boxes, tabs, grids, lists, radio buttons and check boxes, on your desktop or web-based application. This method allows you to create stable tests that run reliably, repeatedly and with scale. If an object is dynamic and its identification criteria changes, TestComplete leverages a built-in self-healing capability which finds the correct object automatically, saving you time reviewing test failures. 

If you are not able to install TestComplete on the Citrix server, you can leverage TestComplete’s powerful image recognition and OCR capabilities to interact with controls on the application. The OCR functionality is powered by Artificial Intelligence, enabling you to identify and interact with any text-based control on the screen.  

Citrix Application Testing Tool of Choice for Technical and Non-Technical Users

No matter your scripting knowledge, we have you covered! You do not need to write a single line of code in TestComplete to automate Citrix. You can simply navigate through the application as you would as a business user or manual tester. TestComplete will automatically record all actions and create an object map with unique properties for each element on the screen. If you are interested in scripting, we support JavaScript, Python and VBScript, among others. You can data-drive your tests through excel sheets or csv files to increase test coverage and receive detailed reports with screenshots of every test run to share with the rest of the team. 

Reuse Tests Across Different Use Cases

TestComplete enables you to easily reuse components for efficient and cost-effective automation. Once your tests are created in TestComplete, you can simply execute tests using TestExecute installed on the Citrix server. 

You can orchestrate these tests manually or via a Continuous Integration system such as Jenkins or Azure and even connect to a test management system. You can also foster teamwork by integrating with Git source control from right within TestComplete. TestComplete will support your automation lifecycle, whereever you are. 


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