Help Developers and Testers Collaborate

Share assets between your development and testing team easily. Quickly bring over the tests your developers create in IDEs such as Visual Studio. Built-in integrations to developer focused functional UI testing tools such as TestLeft is provided. You can also run TestComplete tests directly as a part of your MSBuild projects. Plugins are available for planning and managing TestComplete tests, plans, and results within Microsoft Test Manager.

Integrate TestComplete In a Continuous Integration Process

Set up a continuous integration job by including TestComplete tests as a part of your nightly build process. Detect and fix integration problems quickly by getting rapid feedback for changes committed in a subversion repository. View results for test runs directly in Jenkins after execution.

Numerous Source Control System Integrations

Check in changes to Team Foundation Version Control directly from TestComplete.  There is no need to move out of TestComplete for committing changes, tracking modifications, or getting the latest files from Team Foundation Version Control.

TestComplete connects with Git out of the box. Without leaving TestComplete, you can keep a track of changes, merge modifications within branches, and restore previous file versions for individual projects as well as their child elements within Git. 

Built-in plugin for Mercurial helps you get the latest test versions, submit changes, and so forth right from within TestComplete. All common actions such as updating a copy or committing changes can thereby be done without ever moving out of TestComplete. 

Create a Regression Suite

Easily create a regression suite consisting of different kinds of automated tests. Combine TestComplete tests along with Selenium and SoapUI tests to run them as a part of one test suite after a build. Get a consolidated detailed report on run across after competition. Screenshots captured during test run help in faster debugging and tracking failures at each step.

Works Well With Defect Management and Application Lifecycle Management Tools

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