Write and Troubleshoot Automated Tests With Ease

TestComplete Platform’s editor provides you with all modern code editing features that enable you to write scripts quickly, improve the script readability, and organize your code better. Also, TestComplete Platform comes with two types of debuggers: script and keyword, that allow you to halt test execution on a certain keyword test operation or a script line.

Test Script Editor

Debugging test scripts
  • Use the list of objects, properties, methods, routines and variables provided by TestComplete Platform’s in-built editor to autocomplete test script code.
  • Get quick hints about routine parameters by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE within the editor.
  • Use predefined code templates for scripting statements like for loops, switch and try blocks, and many others.
  • Check the automated test script’s syntax while typing and mark lines containing syntax errors.
  • Identify code blocks and easily locate missing or mismatched braces by automatic brace matching.
  • Navigate between routines in large automated test script units by clicking their names in the code editor.
  • Use breakpoints (both ordinary and conditional) provided to debug tests.
  • Pause automated test execution manually and easily find objects, variables and arbitrary expressions with changed values.
  • Evaluate expressions and inspecting objects as well as run automated test to the currently selected command.
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