Create Automated Tests Without Being A Coder

Automated Test Recording Engine provides you full flexibility and as a result you can append the recorded operations to existing tests instead of recording new tests. You just need work with the application under test – select menu items, type text, choose values from combo boxes, press buttons - and all your actions are recorded as automated test commands.

Automated Test Recording Engine Appending recording to current test
  • Create automated tests without knowing any scripting languages.
  • Record automated tests as powerful, quick, and simple keyword tests.
  • Record user actions as scripting instructions in Python, JScript, VBScript, DelphiScript, C++Script or C#Script.
  • Make automated tests compact and easy to read by recording the key actions and discarding all unneeded actions.
  • Record exact simulation of mouse and keyboard events such as mouse clicks, mouse motions, mouse wheel events, and pauses between events using low-level procedures. 
  • Playback procedures at the same speed as they were recorded. 
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