Avoid Execution Bottlenecks & Accelerate Your Delivery Pipelines.

A test execution machine for automating SoapUI and ReadyAPI tests at scale. Run tests in parallel; deploy faster.

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TestEngine supports ReadyAPI and SoapUI OS to help you accelerate your API testing process.

Integrate TestEngine into any environment

With flexible deployment options, TestEngine can be installed in any cloud or on-premise environment using Docker, VMs, Mac, Linux, or Windows, supporting centralized execution models or distributed options.

Run your tests in parallel without handling the infrastructure

Accelerate your delivery pipelines by executing tests concurrently with TestEngine. Run large test suites alongside shorter ad-hoc test cases with minimal infrastructure maintenance.

Avoid execution bottlenecks with job queuing

TestEngine queues requests to execute tests as they arrive, staging projects being submitted during peak times. Results are returned to distributed clients as demand fluctuates, while also being stored for consumption later.

Don't let testing slow down your delivery & deployment process

Testing is an integral part of shipping and maintaining high quality, stable applications and services. TestEngine allows teams to accelerate test executions while avoiding complex  environments

  • Run tests in parallel to accelerate testing cycles across teams and processes
  • Support larger regression style test suites while still having resources to run smaller tests - queuing new  jobs as they arrive - all through a single, scalable service
  • Select subsets of tests to execute and refactor environments on the fly through highly configurable parameters

Integrate TestEngine seamlessly into automation tasks and CI / CD processes

TestEngine is designed to deploy anywhere, and integrate easily into your existing workflows - without having to refactor or change what already works.

  • Native Jenkins plugin to add TestEngine runs to any job or pipeline in the industries leading automation server
  • A modern, NPM based CLI allows tests to be submitted on the fly - even in dynamic, cloud based environments
  • Highly descriptive, fully documented RESTful API exposes the full power of TestEngine for custom integrations and workflows