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The API Discovery feature allows you to watch HTTP traffic in the ReadyAPI internal browser or through an external browser that uses ReadyAPI as a proxy. We'll capture REST traffic within that activity and write it to a traffic log so you can browse through it for the specific traffic type you are interested in. You can use API Discovery to create API definitions or virts inside your project.

Discover Using Internal Browser

To discover APIs using the internal browser, turn on the recorder, select a URI and browse to the resources you want to capture. When you've visited all the resources you care about, turn off recording and you're done. 

Discover Using Proxy

ReadyAPI can act as a standard proxy to forward messages back and forth between the client to a specified host. You don't need to explicitly start the proxy because it runs immediately when you open the window. The port for the proxy is configurable and changes apply in real time.

Discover Using Client

Alternatively to using the internal browser, you can use a client on the same network or computer. Just set the client to use ReadyAPI as a proxy so the HTTP traffic runs through ReadyAPI's capture process.

After you've filtered and selected relevant traffic, you can use it to do a number of things:

  • Convert it into services for use in your ReadyAPI test project.
  • Use it to create TestSuites containing TestCases with the services.
  • Create virts in ReadyAPI.

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ReadyAPI is a suite of tools to help you ensure high quality, performance, and security in your APIs. One download gives you access to the features of each tool within a unified experience.

  • Automate functional testing to make sure that your APIs perform as expected in less time.
  • Use our compatible load testing tool in ReadyAPI, to run load tests against your API functional tests.
  • Ensure fast and reliable integration for your external development teams and 3rd-party APIs using ReadyAPI's virtualization module.

ReadyAPI supports REST, SOAP, GraphQL and IOT protocols