Easily Create Virtual Services with ReadyAPI

Create virts easily using a variety of methods

Three Paths To Quickly Get Started

Get started with service virtualization using ReadyAPI's easy-to-use interface for creating and defining your virtual services. ReadyAPI provides basic functionality for creating and working with virtual services, regardless of whether you have purchased the virtualization module. Get started today by using any of these simple methods for creating virtual services in ReadyAPI, including:

Importing Your API Definition

Import an API definition like OAS (formerly Swagger), WSDL, WADL, or others to generate a mock API in ReadyAPI Iin just seconds. From there, all you have to do is configure the specifics of how you want your virt to behave.

Record & Discover

Using the same powerful API Discovery functionality found in ReadyAPI, you can record HTTP/S traffic using our internal browser and have ReadyAPI identify all of the API transactions that occur as you interact with the application. Recording allows you to build a virt of a third-party API that simulates specific types of events you want to include in your testing.

  • Enter a URL in the internal browser and record your actions.
  • Create specific simulations by filtering content types and response codes you want to capture as you record the actions.

From scratch

For ultimate control, you can choose to start with an empty SOAP, REST or JDBC virtual service that you configure. ReadyAPI will prompt you for all of the information needed to define and run your virt.


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ReadyAPI is an easy-to-use no-code API Testing platform designed to streamline your testing workflows.

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