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Necessary Context when Something Breaks

Each time a request runs, the history of execution (including request and response) is stored with the test case. This gives users critical context on previous executions when diagnosing a test that is unexpectedly failing.

In ReadyAPI, test history data is managed between three screens:


ReadyAPI includes a Test History screen that shows past executions of a given test and summary results like assertion failures.


When a failure arises, diagnosing what is different between a previous, accepted test run and the current failure dramatically simplifies the diagnosis process. Options for viewing the full comparison log or simply the differences and the ability to specify how many runs to automatically retain give users powerful control over their response to automation alerts from a continuous integration run of the ReadyAPI  test case and how to quickly diagnose both where and what is failing.

Transaction Log

For archived runs that are presented in the test case History list, you can now drill down into the snapshot of requests and responses for each test step in the archived run. This shows you exactly where a test case failed, which step is causing the problem (without running it again in real-time), and provides the ability to archive test runs that are noteworthy.


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