ReadyAPI Testing Features

ReadyAPI has a long list of comprehensive capabilities built specifically for testing REST, GraphQL, SOAP, JMS, and JDBC services. With native integrations for the most popular tooling around the DevOps ecosystem, you can work ReadyAPI's powerful feature set right into your CI/CD pipeline.

Comprehensive End-to-End API Testing

Chain together complex API transactions and workflows to create powerful testing suites that can be run on-demand or in a CI/CD environment.

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API Security Testing

ReadyAPI includes advanced security testing capabilities. You can now add security scans to your new or existing functional tests with just a click.

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API Reporting Dashboard

Each time a request runs, the history of execution (including request and response) is stored with the test case. This gives users critical context on previous executions when diagnosing a test that is unexpectedly failing.

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Data Driven Testing

Import data from a file or database or easily create your own synthetic data with ReadyAPI Data Generator.

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Scriptless API Testing

ReadyAPI's Point-and-Click capabilities let you incorporate advanced functionality into your API tests without complex scripting or multi-level navigation.

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Launch Automated API Tests Every Time You Integrate New Code

ReadyAPI easily integrates into your CI/CD process, with native plugins for Jenkins and other popular tools as well as any easy to use Command Line Interface.

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OAS/Swagger Test Coverage

Measure the test coverage of your entire API by importing your OpenAPI Specification (fka Swagger) into ReadyAPI

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Test Automation Using Smart Assertions

ReadyAPI's Smart Assertion gives you the power of Artificial Intelligence in our API testing platform - cutting down hours of test creation time.

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TestEngine is an optimized test runner for automating SoapUI and ReadyAPI tests at tremendous scale.

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ReadyAPI is an easy-to-use no-code API Testing platform designed to streamline your testing workflows.

  • Automate and scale your end-to-end tests across multiple API types
  • Run compatible load tests against your functional tests
  • Enable virtualization to ensure fast and reliable integrations for your development teams

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