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New Swagger Tool Simplifies API Testing and OpenAPI Documentation

SmartBear Announces Swagger Inspector for Individuals and Teams to Easily Generate OpenAPI Documentation and Validate APIs
SOMERVILLE, Mass. — January 23, 2018 —

SmartBear, the leader in software quality tools for teams, today announced the release of Swagger Inspector, a free cloud-based API testing and documentation tool to simplify the validation of any API and generate its OpenAPI documentation. Swagger Inspector builds on the Swagger team’s commitment to provide tools that reduce friction throughout the API lifecycle and leverage open standards based development. 


The API economy has captured the attention of business and technology leaders alike with organizations trying to leverage APIs to achieve financial growth through digital channels. As more applications start to depend on APIs, there’s an increased focus on integrating with APIs that are easy to work with and function as intended. With the increasing need for building quality, consumable APIs, developers must be able to easily validate their APIs and make sure they are accurately documented without adding unnecessary overhead into their existing workflow and complicating their development. 

Swagger Inspector was built to make it as easy as possible for developers to check if any API, be it REST, SOAP, GraphQL, and more, works as intended. In addition, developers can automatically generate OpenAPI documentation to make their API readable and easy to work with. Swagger Inspector can create the OpenAPI documentation for any API with the click of a button and host the documentation on SwaggerHub, the design and documentation platform for teams, used by over 100,000 architects and developers.

“Our company is trying to successfully position ourselves in the API economy by standardizing with the OpenAPI Specification,” said Matthieu Delmas, a web developer at microDon and a beta user of Swagger Inspector. “Swagger Inspector has become an important part of our API strategy, in that we can easily test and auto-generate the OpenAPI documentation for any of our APIs, all during the development process itself.”

Swagger Inspector was designed to have practically no learning curve and allows developers to validate if their APIs work as intended and create API documentation without having to learn a new tool or add components into their existing code or processes. 

“As APIs are increasingly playing a pivotal role in digital transformation, it becomes imperative to deliver quality, consumable APIs at a faster pace,” said Christian Wright, EVP and GM, API Business at SmartBear. “We built Swagger Inspector to simplify the API development process by empowering developers to easily test and auto-generate their OpenAPI documentation with a single, cloud-based Swagger tool.”

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Contact: Tracy Wemett, BroadPR

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